Smarter Process Center of Competency Foundation

Are Your Smarter Process Initiatives Deployed in Silos?

Smarter Process is a term coined by Forrester Research as a collection of hardware, software, and services offerings that are designed to support an organization’s Business Processes in a collaborative manner, by delivering a cost-effective, customer-centric, people-agnostic, and efficient business process methodology.

The challenge that most organizations face when it comes to Smarter Process initiatives is that they are siloed efforts, often driven and implemented by individual departments that address only the needs defined by that department. Ultimately, this often results in leveraging the same technology in inconsistent, incompatible ways with unnecessary duplication of effort, using sub-optimal methodologies.

Prolifics' Smarter Approach to Smarter Process

Prolifics helps organizations automate their Smarter Process deployments with Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Operational Decision Management (ODM) initiatives by leveraging the Prolifics Smarter Process Center of Competency Foundation. With an established framework of best practices, methodologies, pre-configured assets and extensive experience, we help organizations collaborate and communicate more effectively with a Smarter Process Center of Competency that centralizes the deployment and utilization of BMP, ECM and ODM systems.

We work with companies to realize and discover the right business processes to automate, this results in productivity gains, centralization of business rules and enforcement of governance standards. The end results help organizations determine how to devote their resources to initiate and drive more business.

Optimize BPM, ECM and ODM Deployments with the Prolifics Smarter Process Center of Competency Foundation

If your organization is rolling out BPM, ECM and ODM automation initiatives or your current implementation is not meeting your expectations, let us show you how our Smarter Process Center of Competency can help. Contact Prolifics at to learn how our Smarter Process CoC Foundation can optimize your business automation initiatives within a framework of shared standards and a centralized point of control.