Business Process Governance for SAP data in Informatica Environment

SAP systems are extensively used by many organizations. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for SAP data to be incomplete, inaccurate or unreliable, which can cost organizations thousands if not millions of dollars in lost revenue when the systems and business users that rely on that data can’t properly complete transactions.

Fixing the data issues in SAP systems on a case-by-case basis can be time consuming and painful, resulting in higher maintenance costs and lost revenue. In addition, SAP systems typically have multiple data sources feeding into them, which exponentially increases the exposure to bad data being introduced into the system. As many organizations have found out the hard and expensive way, just one stream of bad data—the wrong weight format, the wrong currency, the wrong measurement format—can wreak havoc for your business users and integrated systems and negatively affect your bottom line.

Identify & Remediate Bad SAP Data Before it Impacts Your Business Processes

Prolifics has designed a Business Process Governance solution for SAP data that monitors and identifies bad SAP data before it enters the system and as it leaves the system, so Data Stewards can remediate the data before it negatively impacts business processes. We work with organizations to understand their unique business processes and implement rules and data governance best practices necessary to monitor and improve the quality of SAP data.

The solution includes a custom Dashboard and proven building block approach to data governance, which enables organizations to measure and manage SAP data quality via robust governance business processes that span both Business and IT resources.