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Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Blockchain.

We are working on the future of technology. Today.

In the Prolifics Innovation Center, we use Sandboxes, Design Thinking, and Co-creation approaches to help our clients find new ways to solve problems and uncover exciting growth ideas for their organizations.

Are you ready to take charge of your digital transformation? Contact us to see how you can use the Prolifics Innovation Center to apply cutting edge technologies to move to a new era of how you do business.


Latest Innovations

Modernized Healthcare Data Management with FHIR

The HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard (or FHIR) is revolutionizing how healthcare information is managed, moved, and exchanged.


Improve Customer Engagement with AI-Assisted Workflows

The insurance industry is subject to high rates of churn. Customers are constantly hunting for the companies and policies...


Unlock the Power of Data Science in Your Business

The demand for data science is growing far beyond supply. The gap between what companies need and the data science skills...



Privacy Rights Legislation Compliance

We’ve all had that feeling, at one time or another, that “Big Brother” is watching us. We search for something online, then...


Rapid Richer Case Management

Could you actually enjoy going to the DMV? Could you imagine getting in and out with your new license quickly and with a smile...


Our Inspection Platform

Although the Prolifics Innovation Center gave it a simple name – “Inspection Platform” – the solution the Center created contains sophisticated...