Prolifics Banking Regulations Compliance

As today's financial institutions continue to grow, they are continuously faced with new sets of regulations targeting governance, processes and reporting. This is often a new arena for executives who are trying to navigate through complex rules and regulations, and successfully meet the regulatory compliance objectives to stay off the watch list of the Federal banking regulators.

Prolifics is the preferred partner for implementing data governance for regulatory compliance. We understand that risk aggregation and risk reporting are cornerstones of banking regulatory compliance. Enterprise risk management reports designed to meet compliance requirements rely on a strong data governance framework that supports the process of compiling, analyzing, and reporting data quality for early remediation.

To support the Prolifics Banking Regulations Compliance solution, we have developed over 3000 data rules that address more than 15 distinct schedules (FR Y-14Q, Schedules A-M) to help financial institutions meet Enhanced Prudential Standards (including DFAST and CCAR reporting), BASEL BCBS 239, FATCA, and portions of Dodd-Frank, in addition to establishing industry-leading data governance processes and best practices.

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  • IBM InfoSphere Information Server
    • Information Governance Catalog and Dashboard
    • Data Quality Exception Management
    • Governance and Workflow Notification
    • Stewardship Center for Performance Metrics
  • IBM Cognos Analytics


Prolifics Banking Regulations Compliance

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