IBM Think 2019

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San Francisco, California
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02/12/2019 to 02/15/2019

Join Prolifics at IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco, California from February 12 to 15.

IBM Think is a leading source of education, thought leadership, certification, and networking opportunities, with chances to learn about the latest in business solution technologies and IBM products.

Think highlights the key elements of building a smarter business. Data and AI uncover fresh insights and let organizations connect with customers in innovative ways. The cloud empowers flexible, scalable infrastructure approaches. Emerging security practices defend against an ever more perilous enterprise environment.

IBM Think explores solutions that incorporate the best that AI, cloud, security, and beyond have to offer today’s business. Prolifics, an IBM Platinum Partner, helps accelerate enterprise modernization, drive value with digital technology, and leverage data to extract value and chart new opportunities. Visit our exhibit at Think to learn more about how our solutions integrate, automate, and secure businesses.

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Title: Accelerating Your Solution thru IBM Cloud Pak for Data
Session ID: GEPLES-01, GEPLES-02, GEPLES-03
Date and Time: Tuesday, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: Monterey Room, Kempton Sir Francis Drake Hotel — 450 Powell Street, second floor


As one of IBM’s Global Elite Partners in Analytics, these sessions will show you how Prolifics has utilized IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data in our unique Consumer Insights Accelerator, how to accelerate your solution’s through IBM Cloud Pak for Data, and where it fits in with Data Fabric.


Michael Gonzalez, Prolifics

Brian Kordelski, Prolifics

Wayne Scott, Prolifics

Title: Data-Centric Evolution—Are You Ready for It?
Session ID: 3901
Date and Time: Tuesday, 1:30 PM – 2:10 PM
Location: AMC Metreon Screen 4


Ron Davis, Prolifics

A leading financial institution had numerous Data Governance (DG) opportunities available to them right at their fingertips but having to choose which opportunity provided the quickest and best return while ensuring their data stayed private and secure, was a difficult and daunting task.

In this session, we will discuss how we helped this leading financial institution in a step-wise approach for identifying and implementing a high-value, quick-win and private DG solution, which served as a building block for establishing a DG foundation to enable this organization’s cultural evolution toward becoming a data-centric organization.

Title: Transforming A Customer Journey, Gamification of Insurance
Session ID: 2064
Date and Time: Tuesday, 1:30 PM - 2:10 PM
Location: Hilton Union Square, Ballroom Level, room Yosemite C


N.R. Vijay, Prolifics

Acquiring and retaining digital native millennial customers requires insurers to come up with innovative ways to enhance customer engagement.

This session will highlight effective ways insurance companies can utilize gamification techniques to attract and retain young customers using IBM Mobile Foundation. Millennials are early digital adapters and are exposed to gamification through loyalty programs so by building gamification via an integrated portal and mobile apps, insurance companies can get their attention.

Implementing gamification involves an ideal mix of both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards, such as personal challenges in preventive care and decease management, monitoring and providing feedback on safe driving and benchmarking against peers.

Title: Lowering Cost/Income Ratio through Advanced Analytics and Robotic Process Automation
Session ID: 2067A
Date and Time: Tuesday, 3:30 PM - 4:10 PM
Location: AMC at Metreon, Level 3 - Theatre 13


N.R. Vijay, Prolifics

Insurance companies are under pressure to reduce their cost/income ratios. Join us to hear a use case solution in policy issuance and underwriting that applies advanced analytics and robotic process automation (RPA) to reduce that ratio.

This integrated AI solution accepts internal data from previous quotes and policies, external structured data feeds and online customer data; determines the customer risk profile based on business operations, applicable class codes, property details and employment/payroll; presents a dynamic questionnaire to gather information; and feeds this information into an RPA solution that automates data entry, third-party data integration, form filling and data validation to complete policy issuance.

Title: Next Generation of ECM using Digital Business Automation (BACS) Containers on IBM Cloud Private: a DevOps story for Business and Government services
Session ID: 8112
Date and Time: Wednesday, 12:30 PM - 1:10 PM
Location: Moscone South, Level 2 - San Francisco Ballroom 208


Sandeep Chellingi, Prolifics


Salem Hadim, Prolifics

Our world today is driven by content centric data, especially in all facets of Business and Government services.

It is no longer limited to just documents and processes stored in an on premise or virtual ECM system. As cloud adoption has become a popular end-to-end platform, companies are seeking a smarter, more agile ECM system with knowledge workers that are flexible to ever-changing requirements for content accessibility.

Find out how next generation ECM platforms will run on IBM Cloud Private using IBM Liberty and Digital Business Automation, replacing on premise/virtual ECM environments in a containerized solution creating an instantly cost-effective, highly scalable architecture with 1-click application development and delivery to meet demands.

Title: Enterprise Application Microservice Builds on IBM Cloud Private—Extending IBM Microservice Builder
Session ID: 3997A
Date and Time: Wednesday, 2:30 PM - 3:10 PM
Location: Moscone South, Level 2, San Francisco Ballroom 207


Greg Hodgkinson, Prolifics

IBM Cloud Private allows you to realize the benefits of cloud right in your data center. With IBM's Microservice Builder, you can easily setup CI/CD pipelines to integrate and deliver your microservice-based applications.

You can also architect enterprise applications built on IBM BPM, IBM Integration Bus and ODM technologies as a set of microservices, allowing new application requirements to be delivered quickly and regularly, without disrupting end-users.

Join Prolifics to hear how you can extend Microservice Builder to build and deploy BPM, IIB and ODM application components that can be scaled on IBM Cloud Private using cloud scaling principles.

Title: One Advisor Per Student: Guiding the New Generation to Better Career Decisions
Session ID: 4139A
Date and Time: Thursday, 5:30 PM – 6:10 PM
Location: Moscone South, Level 2 - San Francisco Ballroom 209


Raghav Mathur, Prolifics


Arup Datta, Prolifics

A daunting task for many students is the big step of deciding a university and major. Educational organizations are challenged to keep up with increasing student needs to provide the right information and increased pressure to reduce costs, which then becomes a major challenge for limited internal staff.

Join Prolifics to hear how an AI Advisor can converse with students to help automate operations with the power of Watson Assistant and Discovery APIs. IBM BPM and ODM will help orchestrate and augment decision-making. Watson Knowledge Studio will convert unstructured data, like transcripts, to feed the Advisor data, and use NLP and NLTK to build a semantic tree and a dependency tree, and perform affect analysis and part-of-speech-tagging.


Find Us in the Expo

Prolifics will be exhibiting at IBM Think 2019 in booth #420


Accelerate Application Modernization

Prolifics specializes in driving value from existing platform and application investments. Your applications can be migrated, upgraded, or rewritten from the ground up to work on more modern platforms that unlock new capabilities.

Become a Data-Driven Business

Data powers business processes. It contains valuable insights and opportunities that often go unrealized. By exploring, integrating, and utilizing data, enterprises can establish new business models, optimize costs, improve customer interaction, and add value.

Improve Your Security Posture

Protecting the enterprise is paramount, especially in the face of headline-grabbing breaches. Safeguarding assets, reducing risks, cutting costs, and meeting compliance standards across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure are increasingly becoming key business drivers.

Incorporate Intelligent Automation

Businesses are under constant pressure to innovate and evolve faster than the competition. Success arises from transforming processes to be smart, flexible, and automated.

Innovation Center

The Prolifics Innovation Center brings together the best minds across our teams to explore new technologies and develop digital IP that provides our customers with new capabilities, and their customers with better experiences.

Moving Forward in Cloud Adoption

Prolifics is helping drive value to organizations through cloud. We are implementing cloud-based applications and platforms that do more with less effort, reduce cost, are secure, and provide business agility.

Transform Your Testing Methodology

Prolifics differentiates itself from other testing organizations though our Business Assurance approach starting with capturing business benefits and in addition to validating functionality of an application we also ensure that business benefits captured during business case are realized.