Data Science in a Box Webinar

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Online - 12-12:30 PM EST
Predictive Analytics
Information Management & Analytics
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Business demand for machine learning is rapidly rising. It’s no longer enough for data scientists to build solutions by hand. Prolifics’ Data Science in a Box solution helps recognize the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the context of building data models, consuming business data, and deploying models to production.

Tune in to our Data Science in a Box webinar to learn more about our cutting-edge data science automation solution. Find out how it can help you make sense of your collected data, quickly and easily build predictive data models, and gain faster time to value from your data.


Dr. Michael Gonzales
Lead Data Scientist

Michael L. Gonzales, Ph.D., is an active practitioner in the IT space with over 30 years of industry experience in roles of chief architect and senior solutions strategist. He specializes in the formulation of business analytics for competitive advantage in global organizations. Recent engagements include companies in the top global 100.

Dr. Gonzales holds a Ph.D. from the University of Texas with a concentration in Information and Decision Science. His research includes analytics against extremely large data sets and success factors for IT-enabled competitive advantage.


Zaid Doleh
Senior Cloud Advisor

Zaid is a cloud leader and evangelist with over 18 years of industry experience in cloud architecture, advisory, virtualization, and infrastructure consulting roles. He specializes in developing cloud transformation strategies and execution plans. He is passionate about cloud technologies and how they enable organizations to innovate faster, disrupt markets and industries, and drive value.

Zaid holds several AWS certifications, including Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Professional, as well as Certified DevOps Engineer Professional.

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