Cost Optimization


Managing Costs with Digital Technology

We can help your company leapfrog the competition and improve operational efficiency through digital transformation and innovation.

Providing more value at less cost through digital technology will give you the competitive advantage within your industry.


How We Enable Cost Optimization

Performance through Data

Leverage the insights locked in your business data to drive operational efficiency and performance.


Helping Companies Innovate

Automotive Retailer Uses SOA to Simplify Systems

A US automotive parts company optimized its Point-of-Sale (POS) system to reduce the complexity of its key application and its overall system.

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McKesson Transforms Business with Test Automation

With Prolifics services, the company was able to drastically simplify the testing process and reduce the total cost of ownership by approximately 30% while bringing in $2.2 million in cost savings.

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US Retailer Leverages Real-Time Data to Better Optimize Cost

A high-end retailer implemented a fully integrated, mobile-based inventory replenishment system to streamline stock management processes.

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