One-Click Ready-2-Run

How Predictable is Your Environment?

Environment installation is critical but can be error-prone if done manually. The more installs that are needed by a single environment, the more man-hours that are required to complete the process. And every manual interaction is an opportunity for delays and errors to be introduced. 

Any initial errors will only get worse as these environments are added to or modified. Over time, these issues will become more costly and time-consuming to correct. Using our One-Click Ready-2-Run accelerator, installations quicker and unintentional differences between environments are avoided.

Automated Provisioning with One-Click Ready-2-Run

Prolifics One-Click Ready-2-Run Automated Provisioning provides consistent and quick turnaround on your environment set-up.

One-Click Ready-2-Run uses standard inputs and install operations to provide consistent outcomes, removing manual steps that can cause exponential errors. This allows for consistent install results from a shared source shortening the installation process.  Our solution employs automation mechanisms to bypass the manual installation of each environment component. This increases consistency, reliability and installation speed by avoiding unintentional drift caused by human error inherent in each manual install step. The automated provisioning instructions and settings are completely reusable allowing new environment provisioning with identical standards and identical results.  Whether on-cloud or on-premises One-Click Ready-2-Run helps you achieve a consistent end-state.

Achieve Your Environment’s Full Potential

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