Prolifics Milestones

Year Event
1978 Prolifics Started Building Transactional Applications for New York Financial Institutions
1986 Prolifics Introduced JAM, Our First Cross-Platform Client/Server Application Development Tool
1988 Prolifics Introduced JAM/DBi – Adding Support for Over 10 Relational Databases
1989 Arsin Formed with Focus on Automated Testing for Software Quality
1991 Prolifics Introduced JAM/Pi – Adding Support for Motif and Windows
1995 Prolifics Introduced JAM/Web – Running JAM Applications on the Internet
1997 SemanticSpace Formed with Vision of Simplifying IT for Business
1999 Prolifics Introduced Panther to Market
2000 Prolifics Selected by IBM as Strategic WebSphere Service Provider
2000 Prolifics Signs Strategic Alliance with IBM
2001 Prolifics Introduces XMLink
2001 SemanticSpace Announces PPM Studio
2004 Prolifics Wins IBM Business Partnership Leadership Award
2005 Prolifics Wins IBM 5 Star Value Add Partner Award (Cross Brand)
2005 Arsin Announces Effecta for HP Quality Center Certified by HP
2006 Prolifics Wins IBM Lotus Award for Best Portal Solution
2006 Prolifics Acquires Promenix
2006 SemanticSpace Acquires Arsin
2007 ProlificsWins IBM Beacon Award for Overall Technical Excellence
2007 Prolifics Wins IMPACT Award for SOA Solution
2007 Prolifics Acquires 7irene
2008 Prolifics Wins IBM Beacon Awards for Outstanding SOA Solution and Overall Technical Excellence
2008 Prolifics Teams with SemanticSpace Technologies and Arsin Corporation to Form SemanticSpace Group
2009 Prolifics Wins Outstanding Customer Solution with IBM Rational Software by a VAR Award
2010 Prolifics Wins IBM Lotus Awards for Best Industry Solution and Best End-User Solution
2010 Prolifics Acquires Watson SCS
2010 Prolifics Wins IBM Impact Award for Outstanding Business Process Management Solution
2012 Prolifics Wins IBM Collaboration Solutions Award for Industry Oriented Social Business Solution
2012 Prolifics Acquires IBM Business Partner Atrium Solutions
2012 Prolifics Wins 2012 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Business Agility Solution
2012 Prolifics Wins 2012 IBM Smart SOA Impact Award, Impact 2012 Global WebSphere Community Customer Recognition Award and 2012 IBM ACE Award
2013 Prolifics Wins Distinguished Business Achievement Award for North America at IBM Connect 2013
2013 Prolifics Wins 2013 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Technical Vitality
2013 Prolifics Wins IBM Collaboration Solutions Highest Achiever Award
2013 Prolifics Celebrates 35th Anniversary by Uniting SemanticSpace and Arsin as a Single Brand under Prolifics
2014 Prolifics Wins IBM Beacon Laureate Award for Business Agility
2014 Prolifics Wins IBM Impact Award for Best Customer Integration
2015 Prolifics Acquires Stream Integration
2015 Prolifics Wins IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Smarter Workforce Solution
2015 Prolifics Wins IBM Innovative Systems Leadership Award at IBM InterConnect
2016 Winner of IBM Beacon Laureate Award for Technical Excellence
2016 Winner of IBM Social Business Award for Worldwide Best Performance – Social Software
2016 Prolifics Achieves Highest Number of IBM Champions in the World
2016 Prolifics Named IBM Worldwide Information Integration and Governance Business Partner of the Year
2017 Prolifics Achieves IBM Platinum Business Partner status
2017 Prolifics Wins IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Software as a Service Solution
2017 Prolifics Wins IBM Cloud Transformation Innovation Business Partner Award
2017 Prolifics acquires e-testing Consultancy Limited
2018 Prolifics Named IBM Analytics Global Elite Partner