Career Development

At Prolifics we invest in your skills with a unique career development program that is unlike what you would find at most companies. We invest because we have a self-interest in maintaining the high-caliber Prolifics brand of skills and professionalism that our consultants are known for… It is what our reputation is based on. It drives our success rate. It is what grants our Premier-level IBM partner status. And it is why we won the IBM Award for Overall Technical Excellence.

Prolifics’ Career Development Program combines these significant benefits:

  • At Prolifics you have access to and training on cutting-edge technology. We specialize in staying current with the technology trends as they are adopted into the marketplace. With some of the leading financial firms as Prolifics clients, it is critical to keep up with the latest and greatest.
  • We not only stay current but we stay ahead. Often we have access to technology and internal IBM training materials before the general IBM population has access to it.
  • Prolifics consultants have the opportunity to achieve a wide array of technical and non-technical certifications improving their own career growth within Prolifics and beyond.
  • We don’t just train you when you are between assignments. Prolifics allocates personal training time to each consultant that includes formal, classroom training as well as mentoring.
  • Prolifics creates a personalized training plan for its consultants that outlines the skills required for different profiles, sets overall goals, tracks progress on skills development, and provides time to meet with and present to subject matter experts.
  • Our training plan is not just limited to classroom training. It also includes unique opportunities to be out in the real world. We place consultants on customer assignments to “shadow” a more senior, experienced consultant. We allow trainees to work on customer proof-of-concepts, developing assets that will be reused when the customer deploys their system.
  • Future enhancements include an advanced internal lab complete with VMware images for preconfigured software, training materials and lab exercises.