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Ronald Zurwaski | February 28, 2017
In this blog, we are going to take an existing user and grant them Data Steward privileges in the Information Governance Catalog. This is a quick, technical how-to blog. Setting up the Steward I previously created a user account named “John Doe,” which we are going to use for the demo. If you are not sure about the account name, it might be worthwhile to go into the... + continue reading
Vinod Devathi | February 23, 2017
“Data science” is one of many recently popularized terms floating amidst the myriad of buzzwords and big data hoopla. It is a field concerned with the extraction of knowledge from data.    As is the case with any analytical project, the central goal in data science is to produce practical and actionable insights to improve business decisions.   Data... + continue reading
Michael Owen-Lloyd | February 21, 2017
In IT Insider's inaugural podcast, Richard Holmes, Data Centre Solutions Leader, Arrow ECS, speaks with Mike Owen-Lloyd, Prolifics UK CEO, about trends in Cloud, the future of Cloud, and how businesses can successfully implement a hybrid cloud strategy.  
Krishna Gundavarapu | February 21, 2017
Business Intelligence (BI) encompasses data warehousing, knowledge management, and business analytics, allowing businesses to use data strategically in response to challenges and to drive profitable business actions. Such effective systems require cross-functional data to achieve the BI vision. The intent of this blog is to highlight the data discrepancies that happen in the process of... + continue reading
Prithvi Srinivasan | February 17, 2017
The Promise of SOA, Virtualization, and Deployment Automation SOA: Standardization and Governance—or Killing Innovation? In the past, we have tried to solve the problem of large, tightly coupled monolith applications by horizontally splitting our applications using the following principles: Standardized service contracts which allow for loose coupling of services. These also... + continue reading
Prithvi Srinivasan | January 24, 2017
Robotic Process Automation – Cutting Through the Hype Service bots provide the next level of automation for companies that are looking to reduce costs and speed up manual processes. Despite all the hype in the marketplace, current robotic process automation (RPA) solutions do not heavily utilize machine learning, AI, or Cognitive capabilities…yet. That will come soon. For now, I... + continue reading