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Prithvi Srinivasan | February 17, 2017
The Promise of SOA, Virtualization, and Deployment Automation SOA: Standardization and Governance—or Killing Innovation? In the past, we have tried to solve the problem of large, tightly coupled monolith applications by horizontally splitting our applications using the following principles: Standardized service contracts which allow for loose coupling of services. These also... + continue reading
Prithvi Srinivasan | January 24, 2017
Robotic Process Automation – Cutting Through the Hype Service bots provide the next level of automation for companies that are looking to reduce costs and speed up manual processes. Despite all the hype in the marketplace, current robotic process automation (RPA) solutions do not heavily utilize machine learning, AI, or Cognitive capabilities…yet. That will come soon. For now, I... + continue reading
Vishnu Kambhampati | January 20, 2017
A common question we hear in the Test Automation arena is “what’s new in test automation?” For the past few decades, we have seen automation evolve rapidly.  Ten years ago, those in the automation industry would remember the days of test automation in a waterfall model, which affected the pace of execution and presented a variety of challenges. Test cases were designed on... + continue reading
Manju Rahangdale | January 17, 2017
Design Patterns: When implementing mediation modules, they should have certain common characteristics to optimize component reuse. The design should adhere to one or more of the pattern templates laid out for the project and recommended by product documentation. However, there can be cases where the requirement is such that there is no pattern template that matches the design layout. This case... + continue reading
Pradeep Kumar Reddy Gunapati | December 20, 2016
We often come across requirements to persist process instance data to an application database in addition to having it in the process instance. The easy way to do this is to persist the process instance data into the database in the form of a serialized XML. However, when data is persisted in this manner, it is difficult to retrieve the required data from this serialized XML. If we persist the... + continue reading
Wajahath Khan | November 21, 2016
Introduction Over the past two decades, several organizations worldwide are in the process of continuously improving their IT services. With their growing business needs, they may sometimes need a business partner or IT consulting firm who is readily available with the set of skills required to fulfill those needs. A great fit for this is a global delivery approach, which provides the... + continue reading