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Alok Keshri |
The event runtime is a shared, secured component that runs Decision Server Events assets such as business objects, events, and actions. After the business events are defined and developed using development tools such as Event Designer and Business Space it needs to be deployed to be available at runtime to be executed. Interaction between event runtime and outer application happens... + continue reading
Most large enterprises have a restricted shared managed environment for IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) Decision Server (DS) where rules and XOM’s deployment process is controlled and limited access is given to the Application Development teams. This restricted shared managed environment is typically controlled by Application support team for XOM deployment whereas rules... + continue reading
Ivan Smirnov, Senior Consultant   WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition (known simply as MQ FTE) is a robust managed file transfer solution built on WebSphere MQ transport backbone. Product page is here: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/integration/wmq/filetransfer/index.html   This product is a recent addition to the storied and extremely stable WebSphere MQ – it... + continue reading
Howard Webb |
At IBM Impact, I had the opportunity to co-present with one of Prolifics' BPM clients Broadcast Music, Inc. The exciting thing about this presentation is that it we introduced BPM in the context of the dynamic and rapidly changing music industry. With new digital music outlets such as Pandora, Hulu and others, music is no longer confined to vinyl albums, CDs or traditional venues like live... + continue reading
Anant Gupta, SOA Practice Director   When hearing the term Business Intelligence the first thought that springs to mind is that of reporting and trend analysis based on historical data. So what exactly is Operational Business Intelligence (BI)? It almost seems to be an oxymoron. In one sentence, it is the mechanism of enabling everyone, and not just the strategy team as in the case... + continue reading
Greg Hodgkinson |
We’re gearing up for another exciting Innovate 2012 conference in Orlando this year, having just come back from presenting at the IBM Impact conference in Las Vegas. The great thing about these conferences is they give Prolifics the opportunity to share stories and lessons learned with customers old and new – and lets us bring a number of our customers together so they can swap ideas... + continue reading