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In this blog series on WCM Based “Classifieds” intranet solution, we covered the Site Area, Authoring and Presentation Templates so far. In this blog we will look at the HTML & Menu Components, Categories, Authoring Tools Component, Workflow and Permissions and finally Creating the Page and Portlet. HTML and Menu Components: Menu Components To list the... + continue reading
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Next week at Impact, I will be presenting on the topic of establishing a BPM Center of Excellence. When business process thinking becomes more ingrained in the culture of an organization, and the benefits of process improvement and innovation begin to be realized, the demands on BPM teams will increase, sometimes dramatically. It is by that point organizations must consider how to manage,... + continue reading
Niral Jhaveri, User Experience Practice Manager The Web 2.0 world has evolved, and has evolved considerably. It’s no longer about getting data from the universe of information -- but collaborating, publishing, sharing and deriving business intelligence from the data. The landscape of information now consists of smaller fragments of relevant data commonly known as mashups. So when... + continue reading
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Talk technology trends today and you cannot complete the sentence without referring to SCM [Social, Cloud and Mobile]. These three domains have changed the way businesses use technology. In this blog series I will focus on the fourth key emerging area in the technology space – APIs - the foundation on which the Social, Cloud and Mobile revolution gains more adaption. In this blog entry I... + continue reading