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Anant Gupta, SOA Practice Director   When hearing the term Business Intelligence the first thought that springs to mind is that of reporting and trend analysis based on historical data. So what exactly is Operational Business Intelligence (BI)? It almost seems to be an oxymoron. In one sentence, it is the mechanism of enabling everyone, and not just the strategy team as in the case... + continue reading
Greg Hodgkinson |
We’re gearing up for another exciting Innovate 2012 conference in Orlando this year, having just come back from presenting at the IBM Impact conference in Las Vegas. The great thing about these conferences is they give Prolifics the opportunity to share stories and lessons learned with customers old and new – and lets us bring a number of our customers together so they can swap ideas... + continue reading
Gregory Hodgkinson |
Over the years I’ve been directly involved in a great number of IT software development projects at Prolifics. Without exception these have all involved integration of a number of software components – whether it is integrating back-end systems such as SAP, plugging in external services from business partners, or the more relatively straightforward integration of new business systems... + continue reading
Rajiv Ramachandran, Practice Director, Enterprise Integration / Solution Architect One of the most common requirements I have heard from customers who are using an ESB is to say that I want to dynamically route information to several of my end systems. I don't want to change my code when i introduce a new system to the mix that requires the same data. Careful analysis is required to... + continue reading
Prithvi Srinivasan |
PCI compliance is important to organizations dealing with cardholder data, and failing a PCI audit often results in heavy fines and damage to a company's brand reputation. WebSphere® DataPower provides a "drop-in" solution for customers facing PCI audits. I recently published on article on IBM developerWorks which describes DataPower's capabilities for PCI compliance... + continue reading
SAP Packaged Applications allow you to rapidly configure and customize business processes as your environment changes. To ensure the quality, performance and reliability of these applications, you need a sophisticated testing solution that can be configured and customized as quickly as your SAP landscape. In this article, we will show you how you can use your IBM® Rational® Functional... + continue reading