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Alok Keshri |
Until version 7.1, IBM ILOG-JRules had Hosted Transparent Decision Service (HTDS) working only when you had dynamic Execution Object Model (XML XOM). However, in IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) 8, IBM enables you to still use the HTDS when have static XOM (java XOM). Though this is good for the projects where XOM was defined in Java and Rules needs to be exposed as Web-Service, in ODM... + continue reading
Devi Gupta, Vice President of Marketing We’ve been building Portal applications for years…with over 230 implementations under our belt. The obvious “first implementation” done by most organizations is to create a Content Portal, otherwise known as Employee Portal, Intranet Portal, etc. We can get a typical content portal up and running in 3 weeks and can obviously do... + continue reading
Prolifics |
So far, we have looked into folder structure, logging device information, splash screen, Offline Mode, State Manager and Navigation. In this final part, we will look into callbacks, source control and finally put together all our learnings and come up with an InitPage.js that implements all Best practices discussed so far. 1) Callbacks: Callbacks form an essential part of JavaScript and it... + continue reading
It’s that time of the year again. As we enter the holiday season, I’m already looking forward to starting the New Year with an overview of the latest industry trends and learning about new technology opportunities. I always felt that it would be nice if someone could give me a quick session and bring me up to speed with technological changes that happened over the past year; what... + continue reading
Matt Yeager |
Earlier this month, Prolifics' Matt Yeager and Anant Gupta hosted a session at the FSOkx 4th Annual Business Process Management and Technology Innovation Forum. The presentation focused on how business leaders can reduce the guesswork associated with the estimation process by considering the following questions: What is it that you are estimating? How big is the thing you are... + continue reading
Rajiv Ramachandran, Practice Director, Enterprise Integration / Solution Architect One of the challenges we are facing as part of a current project that we are working on is to demonstrate the integration of WSRR (WebSphere Registry and Repository) and RAM (Rational Asset Manager). First and foremost there are a lot of questions on the roles and responsibilities of both these products... + continue reading