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Joel Krishnan |
Some information I gathered on best practice of ILOG Integration with Process Designer (IBM BPM 7.5.1):

 Connecting JRules directly from IBM BPM Via Webservice-SOAP connector:
 Just want to add that this is not a best practice, but a nice description of one way to integrate BPM 7.5.1 with JRules. There are multiple factors that impact the integration pattern. You always have to consider... + continue reading
Business Application: Service Purchase Plan Process Business Challenge: Prolifics is currently involved in a project at a large public retirement system. In an effort to modernize its infrastructure, the company wanted to ensure that the architecture is interoperable and robust by proving architecturally-significant functionality rather than demonstrate complete business functionality.... + continue reading
Javed Shah |
The Stalemate Strategy development can be thought of as a form of bargaining in my opinion, where security and audit, each with a stake in the successful implementation of the strategy, arrive at the table with specific agenda, putting forth and withdrawing arguments, driven by expectations of what the applications, infrastructure and support teams will accept or reject, and depart the table... + continue reading
Samuel Sharaf |
Samuel Sharaf, Solution Director West Coast In part 3 of the CloudBurst blog series, I will discuss the logical architecture of the appliance and a basic physical topology demonstrating a practical scenario. In part 2, I mentioned that the CloudBurst device is modular and actually consists of multiple hardware and software components. Let’s start with the high level logical architecture of... + continue reading
Prolifics |
Many enterprises have been making tremendous investments in the area of business process management. With human tasks forming a critical element of these business processes, providing required information in a timely and efficient manner is key to improving the overall process and making informed decisions. However, in an increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed business world,... + continue reading
Dan Kern |
Effective and comprehensive monitoring of SOA environments that leverage the power, and complexity, of IBM DataPower appliances requires a multi-tiered approach. The various appliances deliver enhanced security, message transformation and routing and as key components of business critical applications, require close attention to insure high availability in all regards. Coverage for DataPower... + continue reading