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Deepak Uppal | June 28, 2016
Deploying the RuleApp to Rule Execution Server (RES) in Different Environments After successful completion of deployment & testing of the RuleApp in the Dev Environment, the next step is to deploy the ruleset to the Rule Execution Server (RES) in higher environments. This blog describes the promotion of RuleApps to different environments. For this blog, I am going to explain the process... + continue reading
Deepak Uppal | June 17, 2016
The RuleApp Deployment Process Deployment is the activity of creating a RuleApp and making it available for use by a Rule Execution Server (RES) instance. After rule authoring, the code is deployed on the server (RES) so that it can be accessed by the calling applications. We must also deploy the execution object model (XOM) that references the application objects and data against which we... + continue reading
Alok Keshri | June 15, 2016
The IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Decision Service can be exposed/called in multiple ways; however, the easiest and most convenient method of exposing the Decision Service is using the out-of-the-box HTDS service and then calling it through any SOAP/REST client. Occasionally we get specific requirements that require a more complex implementation approach, so we need to re-invent the... + continue reading
Bhairavnath Lamkane | June 8, 2016
IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM) provides a built-in set of REST API endpoints for Rule Project management and execution. IBM ODM is very flexible, giving developers several options when it comes to rule execution and rule project management. Rule client implementation is solely dependent on the third-party applications that invoke the rules. One of the most commonly used applications is... + continue reading
Stephen Cox | June 8, 2016
Back in the day, you could pretty much put 'aaS' after any other letter of the alphabet and you had invented a fantastic new IT concept. It's fair to say I struggled to understand the most basic of these. Software, Platform, Infrastructure—all 'As A Service'. They sound fab to your mate with a 'man bun' who full appreciates "Node JS" isn't a... + continue reading
Stephen Cox | June 7, 2016
cognitive [kog-ni-tiv] adjective of or relating to cognition; concerned with the act or process of knowing, perceiving, etc.  If you were like me when I first heard cognitive, you have no idea what it is when related to your business. The first thing you'd probably do is reach for Google. Instantly you have the answer, or should I say, an answer. "Relating to Cognition... + continue reading