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Manju Rahangdale | January 17, 2017
Design Patterns: When implementing mediation modules, they should have certain common characteristics to optimize component reuse. The design should adhere to one or more of the pattern templates laid out for the project and recommended by product documentation. However, there can be cases where the requirement is such that there is no pattern template that matches the design layout. This case... + continue reading
Pradeep Kumar Reddy Gunapati | December 20, 2016
We often come across requirements to persist process instance data to an application database in addition to having it in the process instance. The easy way to do this is to persist the process instance data into the database in the form of a serialized XML. However, when data is persisted in this manner, it is difficult to retrieve the required data from this serialized XML. If we persist the... + continue reading
Wajahath Khan | November 21, 2016
Introduction Over the past two decades, several organizations worldwide are in the process of continuously improving their IT services. With their growing business needs, they may sometimes need a business partner or IT consulting firm who is readily available with the set of skills required to fulfill those needs. A great fit for this is a global delivery approach, which provides the... + continue reading
Ronald Zurawski | November 17, 2016
In this installment, we discuss setting up and working with the Workflow function in IGC. This function allows you to “promote to production” business assets within the tool and maintains a history of who changed what and when. First, we will walk through turning Workflow on. Second, we will walk the Categories from the last installment through the publishing process. The Workflow... + continue reading
Jigar Dedhia | November 14, 2016
In this post, let us discuss the Localization feature available in IBM BPM standard version. In our journey, we will come to understand the central idea behind Localization and Localization resources and the limitations of this out of box feature. Furthermore, we will discuss a solution designed at Prolifics to overcome the limitation to the maximum extent possible. First of all: “What is... + continue reading
Parthasarathi Jayapathi | November 14, 2016
Information governance (IG) is the set of multi-disciplinary structures, policies, procedures, processes, and controls implemented to manage information at an enterprise level, supporting an organization's immediate and future regulatory, legal, risk, environmental, and operational requirements. It is a holistic approach to manage, improve, and leverage information to increase an organization... + continue reading