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Jigar Dedhia | March 14, 2017
We often come across challenges where we need to invoke different services based on certain conditions. These conditions may or may not be readily available during code implementation but are provided as input only at runtime. In such a scenario where all services need to be invoked in particular sequence, we need the ability to orchestrate the flow dynamically. In this post, we will go through... + continue reading
Haris Vohra | March 13, 2017
Mobile devices are taking off and boosting communication for consumers and businesses alike. There is a nearly unlimited number of mobile applications at end users' fingertips, and mobility and content availability have become major application success factors. How can businesses make the most of these critical features? The answer lies in hybrid mobile app development and application... + continue reading
Manju Rahangdale | March 7, 2017
Some time ago, I came across this quote: “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” Today, I truly understood it. We faced a situation of sync-over-async pattern for BPEL—and, in the process,  learned one “don’t”s of application design.  In our flow, we have HTTPExport wired to LongRunningProcess. This resulted in sync-over-async switch.... + continue reading
Prithvi Srinivasan | March 7, 2017
Just because you can doesn’t mean you should…   I seem to be running into more and more application leaders that are confused by the marketing messages regarding API platforms, iPaaS, and mobile backend for frontend (BFF) vendors. More often than not, companies are trying to satisfy requirements that cut across the fields of mobile enablement, API delivery and... + continue reading
Nagesh Bhatt | February 28, 2017
This article illustrates how to convert a .csv file to .xml file using Flat File Export and Import in IBM Integration Designer. High-Level Design An Assembly Diagram is a visual representation of the various components and their interfaces. It offers an overview of the interaction between these components and connects them using a line (wire). Every component has an interface, although... + continue reading
Ronald Zurwaski | February 28, 2017
In this blog, we are going to take an existing user and grant them Data Steward privileges in the Information Governance Catalog. This is a quick, technical how-to blog. Setting up the Steward I previously created a user account named “John Doe,” which we are going to use for the demo. If you are not sure about the account name, it might be worthwhile to go into the... + continue reading