Prolifics Employee Showcase: Alan Shemelya, VP of Healthcare Business Development

Alan Shemelya is the Vice President of Healthcare Business Development and is responsible for growing Prolifics’ healthcare services and solutions for customers around the world. With more than 30 years of experience and thought leadership in the Healthcare industry, Alan has accomplished an impressive list of milestones over the course of his career.

Case Management & Business Process Management: Benefits to Healthcare Payers

With all the changes happening in the Healthcare payer sector in lieu of regulations and increasingly tough insurance market, now is the need more than ever to have flexible, smarter processes. The need of the hour is to continuously monitor market trends, identify insurance products that are not cost efficient, refine the market strategy, create flexible customized products and introduce the products within the shortest possible time to market.

The Future of Healthcare: A Roadmap to Overcoming IT Challenges in a Changing Regulatory Landscape

Business organizations in a variety of industries face hardships and pain points when faced with a change. It’s especially hard when it’s a forced change through government regulations. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) presents one such challenge to organizations in the healthcare sector.