IBM's Industry Models and Metadata

Metadata is information about data, and can encompass anything pertaining to its definition, structure, content, integrity, lineage and processes. It can both flow from the development lifecycle and facilitate those processes. IBM’s Industry Models incorporate a rich array of different types of metadata, which enhance the value of data assets to the business and the information technology supporting it. Prolifics makes extensive use of metadata to ensure data accuracy and optimize development efficiencies.

There are typically three distinct types of metadata identified:

Implementing an Enterprise Services Layer: Reusable Lessons Learned

Technology implementations can be challenging. When the implementation involves several teams, multiple business units and requires a different approach than the one that is in place currently, the process can become even more demanding and at times daunting. However, if done right, the results can deliver significantly positive results for an organization.

Prolifics Employee Showcase: Alan Shemelya, VP of Healthcare Business Development

Alan Shemelya is the Vice President of Healthcare Business Development and is responsible for growing Prolifics’ healthcare services and solutions for customers around the world. With more than 30 years of experience and thought leadership in the Healthcare industry, Alan has accomplished an impressive list of milestones over the course of his career.