Mobile Middleware: Service-Oriented-Architecture vs. Mobility-as-a-Service

When it comes to traditional IT infrastructure investments, every enterprise is conditioned to perform an on-premise vs. cloud analysis to justify its decisions. For today’s mobile application architecture investments, this model may no longer be applicable. This blog presents an alternative view: using a service-oriented-architecture (SOA) vs. mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) comparison approach in making mobile middleware decisions.

Exploring the API Planet: An API Management Use Case

In the first instalment of this blog series, I wanted to explain the size and scope of the current API boom, and to explain the necessity of API Management as a product rather than just an idea. This time around, I have chosen to discuss a use case in which an insurance provider (payer) leveraged API Management to create an API Economy, one that fostered growth amidst a changing healthcare landscape.

Client Showcase: Retailer Better Meets Customer Needs with Managed Services

Prolifics is committed to helping our clients create (and grow) competitive advantage in their industry. We are proud to have empowered this well known Retailer to do just that, again. After a successful e-commerce solution, Prolifics and our client teamed up again to bring ongoing managed services to further differentiate from the competition.