Business Intelligence

Business-Driven Approach to Validating Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) encompasses data warehousing, knowledge management, and business analytics, allowing businesses to use data strategically in response to challenges and to drive profitable business actions. Such effective systems require cross-functional data to achieve the BI vision. The intent of this blog is to highlight the data discrepancies that happen in the process of collating data from multiple source systems into a consolidated BI system via a BI Testing approach.

Nature of BI Projects

IBM Mashup Center

Niral Jhaveri, User Experience Practice Manager

The Web 2.0 world has evolved, and has evolved considerably. It’s no longer about getting data from the universe of information -- but collaborating, publishing, sharing and deriving business intelligence from the data. The landscape of information now consists of smaller fragments of relevant data commonly known as mashups.

Portals: The Next Generation

Devi Gupta, Vice President of Marketing

We’ve been building Portal applications for years…with over 230 implementations under our belt. The obvious “first implementation” done by most organizations is to create a Content Portal, otherwise known as Employee Portal, Intranet Portal, etc. We can get a typical content portal up and running in 3 weeks and can obviously do more extensive custom implementations. Today we are seeing the “next generation” trend for these portals to be adding in Dashboards and adding in Social Networking capabilities.