Claim and Check pattern with LWPF

In this blog, we will look at how to implement the Claim Check pattern with LWPF in combination with DynaCache.

LWPF was described in an earlier blog. You can view that here.

What is the Claim Check Pattern Anyway?

The Claim Check pattern is an implementation pattern of detaching the application data storage from the application and maintaining it in a database. The data can then be retrieved (claimed) and used when needed, and then checked back into the database with the changes that were made in the application.

Dynamic Orchestration using IBM BPM Advanced

We often come across challenges where we need to invoke different services based on certain conditions. These conditions may or may not be readily available during code implementation but are provided as input only at runtime. In such a scenario where all services need to be invoked in particular sequence, we need the ability to orchestrate the flow dynamically.

In this post, we will go through how this problem was solved using IBM BPM Advanced using a BPEL process flow.

Service Bots: The Next Level of Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation – Cutting Through the Hype

Service bots provide the next level of automation for companies that are looking to reduce costs and speed up manual processes. Despite all the hype in the marketplace, current robotic process automation (RPA) solutions do not heavily utilize machine learning, AI, or Cognitive capabilities…yet. That will come soon. For now, I would like to provide some clarity around the current RPA capabilities for folks looking at these solutions.

Retrieve and Merge Files Uploaded to the IBM BPM Document Store

The Prolifics BPM team was posed a problem by one of our clients. They needed to merge multiple PDF documents uploaded to the BPM document store into a single PDF document appended one after the other for further processing. So our objective is to aggregate and merge the required documents into a single PDF file, which can be then used as needed (mailing, FTP, etc.)

Here are the steps the team took to achieve that target.