Customers Purchase Benefits, Not Products

Business organizations have core competency in certain areas and are more likely to have strong capabilities in those areas. Firms are also likely to look for outside consultants in areas where they do not have enough home grown talent and more likely to outsource capabilities such as IT in case of an internal gap. This article is a quick overview of some of the decision challenges faced by the firms while trying to decide what capabilities to outsource.

How to Conduct a Quality Assessment Under a Short Timeframe With Limited Resources

As part of its service offering, Prolifics provides clients (or prospective clients) an assessment of their current quality processes. Recently, Prolifics engineers were requested to go onsite at a client location to render such an assessment of a complex, multi-tier, application. However, the client would only agree to a very short length of time for the assessment.

Prolifics Employee Showcase: Alan Shemelya, VP of Healthcare Business Development

Alan Shemelya is the Vice President of Healthcare Business Development and is responsible for growing Prolifics’ healthcare services and solutions for customers around the world. With more than 30 years of experience and thought leadership in the Healthcare industry, Alan has accomplished an impressive list of milestones over the course of his career.