RPA – Getting Your Jump Start Right


Robotic process automation (RPA) is no longer just a buzzword. Most organizations in your industry are already on the journey to RPA maturity, finding ways to make processes more streamlined and efficient.

To create an efficient partnership between process owners, IT stakeholders, and the business at large, you must utilize tools like RPA to augment to your human workforce rather than replacing it. RPA is a fast and lightweight “design-code-deploy” tool. When approaching an RPA investment, it is key to focus on the proof of value that it offers. Demonstrating a quantifiable return in the form of a “quick win” establishes confidence within your business teams.

Selecting the right business use case for your confidence-building quick win is critical. The right use case is simple enough that it can be completely developed and deployed within a matter of weeks. It must also have enough substance to support metrics that establish ROI and quantify business benefits.

At Prolifics, we utilize our RPA expertise and automation questionnaire to easily evaluate your selected use case. Compare our checklist below to your RPA use case and see how it stacks up.


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Animesh Jain
Senior Enterprise Application Architect

Animesh Jain heads Prolifics’ Robotic Automation and Process Innovation practice. With over 15 years of experience, he specializes in the digital business automation suite of tools. As a thought leader, has helped many clients with their digital transformation initiatives.

He is involved in all facets of project lifecycle, including assessment, estimation, end-to-end architecture and solution design, implementation, governance, performance, and maintenance of business processes and rules using the IBM suite of tools.