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Matt Garst | August 1, 2019
IBM and Red Hat: A Match Made on Cloud Nine What does the combination of IBM and Red Hat truly mean to customers? This is a valid question from current IBM or Red Hat customers, as well as from anyone looking to adopt an enterprise standard for cloud-native development, application modernization, integration, or the management of complex, hybrid multi-cloud environments. To put it... + continue reading
Hannah Leslie | July 15, 2019
Meet Business Needs with Managed Services In 2019, is there a single business left that doesn’t depend on its IT team for survival? That’s highly unlikely, so the discussion around how to effectively run technical teams and infrastructure is constantly in flux. Take managed services: is this phrase just another tech buzzword, or should it be explored as a meaningful and... + continue reading
| July 5, 2019
The Conference I recently attended the National Software Testing Conference at the British Museum in London, where Prolifics was an exhibitor. As an organization, we decided to attend this event for the first time because it is important to us to engage with delegates to understand their testing challenges and upcoming priorities, as well as gauge the direction of... + continue reading
Arup Datta | January 4, 2019
Charting the Future of Computing The end of 2018 was anything but smooth: it featured a roller coaster ride for global stock markets, as well as political turbulence in the United States in the form of a government shutdown, open issues like the border wall and immigration, and more. And talking about U.S. politics, we can all agree that over the last couple of years our political... + continue reading
Animesh Jain | December 13, 2018
A Powerful but Under-Utilized Tool With great power comes great responsibility. —Uncle Ben, Spiderman As a highly flexible and powerful tool, robotic process automation (RPA) provides numerous opportunities to introduce quick automation into your business processes for profit optimization. Business teams are becoming increasingly interested in using this tool to offload... + continue reading
Animesh Jain, Goutam Giri | December 12, 2018
In recent years, IT has started utilizing robotic process automation (RPA) to tap into innovative ideas. This is not just for its own internal process improvement, but also for the overall benefit to the business. As such, RPA as such, has evolved to play a strategic role. RPA has improved from a screen-scraping tool to a more robust automation engine with cognitive and predictive... + continue reading