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Matt Garst | December 2, 2019
The HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources standard (or FHIR) is revolutionizing how healthcare information is managed, moved, and exchanged. The Internet has made managing data faster and easier than ever. Healthcare information, on the other hand, has lagged behind the trend because of its sensitivity and complexity—some health data is still transmitted in physical format. This... + continue reading
Arup Datta, David Morrison | December 2, 2019
The insurance industry is subject to high rates of churn. Customers are constantly hunting for the companies and policies that offer the best prices and value. This puts pressure on companies to find ways to save cost and maintain or increase revenue. Companies have turned to automation to work out more efficient, cost-effective processes. However, there’s traditionally been a certain... + continue reading
Michael L. Gonzales, Wayne Scott | December 2, 2019
The demand for data science is growing far beyond supply. The gap between what companies need and the data science skills that are available in the market is a wide one, and it’s only continuing to grow. This makes developing data science work activities expensive and difficult because of the limited availability of resources. All this puts a serious strain on organizations, particularly... + continue reading
Prolifics’ Matthew Garst | November 18, 2019
Prolifics’ Matthew Garst, Vice President of Sales for North America, sat down with IBM to discuss how the IBM-Red Hat partnership empowers transformation with the power of the cloud, even when it comes to heavily siloed and monolithic organizations. This blog was originally posted by IBM. When I heard about the IBM acquisition of Red Hat, I was excited. No – I was ecstatic. You... + continue reading
Hannah Leslie | September 16, 2019
Connecting Healthcare Across Supply Chains API technology is the disrupter-in-chief of many sectors, especially retail and banking. Some of this disruption is driven by regulation that will inevitably be replicated: from open banking to open insurance, open pensions, and so on. The healthcare industry is one of the latest to expand its traditional reach and create new ways to connect... + continue reading
Christopher Piskun | September 9, 2019
Unless you have been hiding under a rock for a while—a long while, actually—you would be amiss not to grasp the almost certain advantages of processing your ideas using AI. IBM’s new offering, Business Automation Content Analyzer (BACA), stands to be a very big deal for IBM Datacap. BACA, also known as just Content Analyzer, is an AI-infused, content-savvy service that I... + continue reading