November 2018

  Robotic process automation (RPA) is no longer just a buzzword. Most organizations in your industry are already on the journey to RPA maturity, finding ways to make processes more streamlined and efficient. To create an efficient partnership between process owners, IT stakeholders, and the business at large, you must utilize tools like RPA to augment to your human workforce rather... + continue reading
Aerodynamic growth is the goal of every business, but few organizations have successfully realized it. As the business footprint expands, the organization discovers more opportunities. However, as we continue our operations, inertia sets into almost all activities, restricting our ability to efficiently harness momentum for sustenance and growth. With every opportunity there comes resistance... + continue reading
Moving Data More Efficiently   83 percent of data migration programs fall short of expectations and go over time and budget. Gartner   Moving into a new home is an exciting yet challenging experience. While a new home creates new opportunities, you quickly discover that the process can be time-consuming and... + continue reading
Last time, we talked about the benefits of packaging your applications in containers. Today, we’ll discuss how Kubernetes builds on top of Docker. Initially, the kinds of technologies that underpin the cloud focused on two fundamental benefits: Freeing up your IT team from having to maintain infrastructure (computation, storage, databases, and networking resources... + continue reading
Wouldn’t it be great if your teams could just focus on the coding? After all, we want to be innovative and write great software! Unfortunately, most really interesting software requires you to think about other things. How do you package up and deliver all the components of the solution? How do you take care of all of the dependencies? How do you... + continue reading
What is a Platform and How Important Is It? In architecture, a platform is a raised, level surface on which people or things can stand. In politics, it’s the policy positions or stances taken on issues. But in the world of IT, it’s known as a group of technologies used as a base upon which other applications, processes, or technologies are developed. For any company... + continue reading