September 2018

Open Banking and PSD2 Redefine Financial Services Recent changes in the UK retail banking sector are about to be followed by radical new regulatory standards being rolled out across Europe in 2019. IBM and Business Partner Prolifics are leading the way with a new solution which can ease the pain of compliance for over 4,000 financial institutions. The UK’s Open Banking... + continue reading
Executive Summary Most of you have seen digital speedometers, either in your cars or on roadside speed enforcers. With such precise digital feedback compared to traditional needle speedometers, I am sure you have adjusted your speed to stay within the speed limit. A study examining the effects of digital speedometers and fixed camera enforcement program applied to a 6.5-mile... + continue reading
More and more enterprises are choosing to deploy their applications “in the cloud”. Over 90% of companies utilize the cloud in some capacity—most of these in a hybrid cloud format with multiple public and private clouds working together. In fact, the average cloud footprint supports over 90 cloud applications. The cloud enables greater performance, agility, innovation, and... + continue reading