October 2017

In the not so distant past, an organization’s IT infrastructure was simpler and more self-contained. For many, security only had to be enforced in a small set of applications, with an outer layer of protection with dedicated networks and limited access via firewalls and virtual private networks. Even larger and more sophisticated environments had a single identity store (LDAP or Active... + continue reading
It is an amazing experience to work with some of the leading healthcare payers in the world, including Aetna, Cigna, EmblemHealth, multiple Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations, and many others. However, at their core, although some payers have truly embraced consumerism among their members, most still view their members almost exclusively as patients. In this article, I will attempt to make the... + continue reading
I woke today thinking I should share my mixed ramblings on the future of IT, but I then realized that there is nobody in my family and friends that wants to read it or really cares about this topic. Lucky for me, we have the internet and blogs. Before we look forward, let’s just take a moment and look back. I have been working with IT for 35 years. In this time, the internet, cell phones... + continue reading