March 2016

About IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is a Decision Management tool that is used by Fortune 500 companies to maintain business decisions across business domains. When embracing ODM, one of the primary challenges is handling null values. When authoring business rules, adding a null conditional check in every rule is... + continue reading
In my earlier article I emphasized the importance of following best practices and guidelines in software development. Following IBM ODM rule development standards and best practices is crucial for implementing a readable, reusable, robust and efficient rule application.  In Part 1 of IBM ODM Rule Implementation Standards and Best Practices article I wrote about best... + continue reading
How Has Business Process Management Evolved in Past Few Years? Business Process Management (BPM) has come a long way and has significantly evolved in the past few years. Many organizations, regardless of industry, have recognized the importance of automation, decision-making, and analytics since these are the keys to providing quality service, enhanced customer... + continue reading