February 2016

The Top Three Mistakes When Working On ODM During my career in the rules development field, I have made multiple mistakes and corrected even more. Collaboration with other rule developers helped me to identify common mistakes rule developers tend do make while working on Operational Decision Management (ODM). Here are my top three ODM rules development mistakes... + continue reading
Today we are going to look at the world of Smarter Process—what it is, how it works and how it can help a company reinvent its Business Processes. Smarter Process solutions are streamlined, automated, instant, seamless, insightful and customer centric; and they span cloud, mobile, social, big data, analytics and legacy platforms. A critical, multifaceted bringing together of IT and Business... + continue reading
I wrote my first blog on Cloud Computing in 2013, "Which Cloud Model is the Next 'BIG THING'", discussing various cloud models and hypothesizing about which will be more successful based on the industry trends. I wrote about how the SaaS cloud model will dominate the market in coming years, because SaaS is a very cost effective and practical choice for startups and small... + continue reading
As we start 2016 it is clear that the BIAN Framework is quickly becoming the Leader in Banking Frameworks. What Evidence is there to support this statement? 1.) Membership continues to Grow with the announcement in December 2015 by BIAN that they added five more members that included Discover, Oracle, HP, and two foreign banks, SIAM Commercial & Sicredi Bank. This brings the total number of... + continue reading
An Introduction to Spring Boot ECM solutions are predominantly used to capture and manage all forms of unstructured content such as images, forms, fax, office documents, e-mail, video and audio. This content requires integration across diverse business processes and applications to provide on-demand delivery to users and the content’s ingestion into the ECM system. This integration... + continue reading