December 2015

The process of extracting, transforming, and loading data is justifiably seen as a major component of the data warehouse development lifecycle. ETL processing can take from 30%-60% of the overall work effort. Any efficiencies in this aspect of development can have a significant impact on the time to delivery and the overall cost of the system. IBM’s Industry Models are built on highly... + continue reading
IBM Process Federation Server is one of the key offerings from IBM, introduced as part of IBM BPM Advanced V8.5.6. The main objective of IBM Process Federation Server is to provide a unified access/view to the task list spanned across different BPM process applications (both BPMN and BPEL).  This blog focuses primarily on the IBM Process Federation Server (PFS), describing the logical... + continue reading
Business assurance was once a vague guarantee or pledge related to one's business. Now it is interpreted as making choices and implementing solutions that account for factors that work towards the organization's betterment. We are not just talking about the Bottom Line, but about everything that must come together to help a business run smoothly and successfully. With this in mind,... + continue reading
With the innovation of multiple types of mobile devices, needs for UI to support better user experience have grown tremendously. Traditionally, we started with building multiple UI’s to support multiple devices, but it was difficult to maintain and release different screens for different devices. Then there came the notion of Responsive Web Design. The idea behind responsive web design is... + continue reading