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Getting Value Out of Big Data Poses Big Challenges

Companies are often overwhelmed with data, which comes from both internal and external sources, in both structured and unstructured formats. Not only is it challenging to manage all that data from an infrastructure perspective, but it is also difficult to get the full value out of your data, to be able to determine how to leverage your data to deliver actionable insights, probable trends, and better customer engagement. Prolifics' Advanced Analytics practitioners have extensive experience in helping enterprises leverage their big data to deepen customer engagement, optimize operations, prevent threats and fraud, and capitalize on new sources of revenue.

Prolifics helped Portland State University overhaul their data warehouse and reporting tools to eliminate tedious, time-consuming work and help streamline budgeting, control costs, and increase student retention.


Prolifics Helps You Leverage Your Data for Success

We help businesses harness the power of information to work smarter and succeed. In addition to starting with the right architecture and technology, businesses need to understand how to use information to affect change. Prolifics guides our clients through the process of implementing Business Intelligence (BI) to change, mobilize, and grow their business through analytics. An effective analytical culture starts with a clear understanding of the drivers of business value and the right metrics required to measure and understand those drivers. From there, we provide coaching for developing the right reporting and analytics to solve business problems. This is how our clients progress from a reporting environment to BI center of excellence.

Prolifics is also a leading implementer of predictive analytics. Together with the Prolifics Advanced Analytics Research Center, we can unlock the untapped potential of your data to help make the vision of your future a reality.

Advanced Analytics Research Center

As a pioneer in the Advanced Analytics field, Prolifics established the Advanced Analytics Research Center. Working in conjunction with IBM, universities, and various private and public sectors, the Prolifics Advanced Analytics Research Center is dedicated to the pursuit of establishing Advanced Analytics as a competitive advantage for organizations worldwide.

The Prolifics Advanced Analytics Research Center is dedicated to the pursuit of establishing Advanced Analytics as a competitive advantage for organizations worldwide. The vision, design, and implementation of an Analytic-enabled business strategy is what we deliver to our customers, using the rigor of decision support science, robust quantitative analysis, and leading-edge technical and data architectures.

Our Advanced Analytics Research Center offers the following services:

  • An SPSS Immersion Workshop, which uses your data and your requirements throughout our comprehensive course in the application of IBM SPSS Statistics and SPSS Modeler.
  • An SPSS Quick Start service for those who have invested in IBM SPSS software to help you quickly benefit from your SPSS solution.

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