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  • CAMA

    Comprehensive Analytic Maturity Assessment White Paper

    An Analytic Maturity Assessment not only gives a company insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their internal analytic program, but also provides metrics for measurement against their competitors. The Comprehensive Analytic Maturity White Paper provides guidelines and best practices in the creation and execution of performing a maturity assessment. This paper is a must read for anyone interested in or going through the Analytic Maturity Assessment process!

  • Data Visualization

    Data Visualization: When Data Speaks Business

    This TEC Product Analysis Report aims to provide an extensive review of the set of data visualization features that form part of the essential core of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities. The report contains the following elements:

  • IBM Infrastructure & Cloud

    Prolifics Hybrid Cloud White Paper

    The need to deploy new and innovative capabilities faster to stay on pace with demand and ahead of competitors is driving many organizations to embrace new software functionality available from SaaS vendors, allowing organizations to rapidly deploy new, cutting edge features to their customers.

  • Information Management & Analytics

    A Deep Dive into IBM’s Industry Models

    Only a very select number of IBM partners, including Prolifics, can leverage IBM Industry Models, which combine deep expertise and industry best practices to accelerate industry solutions. Learn more about the IBM Industry Models in this white paper.

  • Integration

    API Economy White Paper

    Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have been elevated from a development technique to a business model driver and boardroom consideration. Discover why APIs should be managed like a product.

  • IBM Infrastructure & Cloud

    IBM Infrastructure, Cloud Provisioning & Automation Tools

    This white paper examines the various infrastructure and cloud provisioning tool offerings that IBM has available; IBM Cloud Orchestrator, IBM Pure Application, and IBM UrbanCode with Patterns.