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  • Digital Experience

    Digital Experience Solutions: Ten Reasons to Migrate to 8.X

    As customers add new devices to their repertoire of digital touch points, their expectations for experiences that adapt to their content is on the rise. Ensuring you have the right solution in place to meet those expectations is critical.

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  • eForms

    Enhance the Digital Experience with Forms

    Listen to this webinar to hear the latest on how you can enable your communities of users to execute actions through self-service capabilities and maximize the value of e-forms.

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  • Quality Assurance and SAP

    Quality Assurance and SAP - An Essential Partnership Webcast

    Are you providing effective business assurance with your SAP implementation, updates or migration? SAP deployments bring with them a variety of complex challenges. The ability to define and overcome these challenges including speed of delivery, strategic management of project budget and effective communication between the multiple business units are what drives a successful project. Learn about Prolifics proven strategic approach to enable competitive advantage and maximize your SAP/HANA investment.

  • Digital Portfolio

    Enhancing your Digital Portfolio with Creative Design Services

    Fostering a collaborative approach to your digital strategy can align business goals with user experience design - driving more effective engagement and measurable benefits for the business landscape. Watch Prolifics’ webcast to learn about our full lifecycle approach that intersects digital business, creativity and technology for various industry segments and best practices.

  • TM1 Banking

    Financial Planning for Manufacturing (TM1) Webcast

    Innovation in the manufacturing industry is critical for success. Adapting to changing trends and leveraging the most advanced technology can drive true competitive advantage. Learn about Prolifics’ manufacturing industry specific solution for financial planning that saves time while freeing up valuable resources to increase productivity.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Putting Advanced Analytics to Work (ESRI & SPSS)

    The adoption of new and empowering capabilities, such as location, predictive and cognitive analytics, not only introduces unprecedented value in identifying insight leading to impacting decisions, but also a new challenge in data preparation and tool integration. Learn about Prolifics’ pre-configured, comprehensive solution leveraging IBM Analytics and ESRI technology.