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  • Prolifics

    What Sets Prolifics Apart

    It's our employees - their passion, enthusiasm, talent and commitment that builds and maintains the success of our business. At Prolifics we invest in your skills because we want to maintain the high-caliber skills tht Prolifics consultants are known for.

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  • Mortgage Industry

    Mortgage Banking Industry Solutions

    Prolifics' technology specialists can implement solutions across all mortgage banking platforms that enable your organization to meet your objectives while reducing cost and improving efficiency.

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  • BPM

    Smarter Process Center of Competency

    A CoC allows organizations to oversee all BPM initiatives and ensure a consistent approach across the organization. We leverage deep expertise in best practices, organizational structures and technology to create a CoC that meets your specific business needs.

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  • Testing

    Business Intelligence Testing Solutions

    Organizations rely on Business Intelligence (BI) systems to provide accurate, consistent and reliable data to inform decision making. Prolifics BI testing services increase system quality, mitigate risks and improve performance.

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  • BPM & ODM

    BPM & ODM Readiness Assessment

    Business Process Management (BPM) coupled with Operational Decision Management enables organizations to gain competitive advantage by improving business processes and gaining control of business decisions.

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  • Testing

    SOA & Middleware Testing Solutions

    Organizations are transforming they IT infrastructure with service-oriented architecture (SOA) and middleware. Prolifics offers testing services to help ensure the quality and performance of these critical architecture layers.

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