Data Management & Governance Drives Better Performance for Pharmaceutical Company

  • IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management
  • Visibility – Provides more accurate, holistic view of master customer data
  • Efficiency – Automates data remediation tasks & data handling rules
  • Governance – Ensures consistent data management across the enterprise

Client Background

This company is a US-based affiliate of a global pharmaceutical firm dedicated to bringing innovative and effective medicines to patients and physicians.

Business Challenge

The Company launched an initiative to establish a single view of customers in order to improve visibility into all data points on each customer and drive better business decisions. Previously, customer data was fed through a homegrown enterprise content management (ECM) solution fed by disparate applications, creating numerous inefficiencies over time. Information in sales systems was often not logged or matched to sales representatives correctly, creating a growing challenge for the Company to assign, track and meet sales targets. Further, the data contained numerous duplicates, not only skewing sales revenue reporting and driving inaccurate business decisions, but potentially exposing the Company to the risk of sanctions or fines because of inaccurate government reporting.

The goal was to create a centralized master data management system that would consolidate customer data in order to enable better decision-making, create efficiency and improve reporting accuracy.


The Company engaged Stream Integration, now a part of Prolifics, to implement a solution that would streamline data management and improve visibility across the organization. Working closely with the Company’s staff to understand its environment and business needs, the team implemented and integrated IBM’s InfoSphere Master Data Management (IBM MDM) solution as a centralized platform for processing and matching customer data and supporting enforcement of data governance policies to ensure long term success.

Stream experts replaced the Company’s homegrown ECM platform with IBM MDM, configuring the environment to integrate with the Company’s business applications and data warehouse. Leveraging the new platform’s stewardship interface, the team also enhanced the Company’s ability to identify and reconcile customer data duplication by integrating its defined business rules and data policies with the platform to enforce data governance across the lines of business. Business processes were also built into the platform to ensure consistent, automated handling of data in accordance with the Company’s governance policies and enable more effective, targeted communication to customers through better consumer analytics.

With the MDM and data governance solution now in place, the Company has a more transparent, holistic view of master customer information, enabling better management of this data and more informed decision-making. Automated business processes have allowed the Company to resolve data issues more quickly and effectively, while minimizing risk of manual error. Most importantly, the Company has gained better, deeper insight into its customers, improving sales potential and ultimately opportunities for business growth.

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