The Panther Tool Suite is a leading collection of AD tools designed to facilitate your own component-based development efforts. Choose from several products that will help you create a new generation of n-tier transactional applications in less time, with less expense and less effort.

  • Panther for IBM WebSphere
  • Panther, COM/MTS Edition
  • Panther, Tuxedo Edition
  • Rose Panther Link

NOTE: If you have an existing JAM, Prolifics, or Panther application that you want to update or integrate with other enterprise assets, Prolifics Consulting Services can help. Click here [link to Products/Contact Sales & Support] for contact information.



Panther empowers the creation of transactional software applications by removing levels of technical complexity from server side development. You gain the visual tools and application building blocks that simplify the creation of server side interfaces, so that a development effort slated to take months or even years can often be accomplished in a matter of weeks with Panther.

Panther offers a friendly, intuitive environment.
While most AD tools force a developer to write middleware services from scratch using "C" or COBOL, Panther provides back-end component building facilities that free your developers from the tedious complexities of server side integration. Using a visual drag-and-drop paradigm similar to Visual Basic, your developers will work in a familiar environment that features wizards, dialogs and the automatic settings of edits and validations. And because Panther provides open language support, you can write business logic in the language of your choice -- so you can leverage the individual skills of each member of your development team.

Panther lets you leverage your IT department skillset.
Finding and retaining the right talent pool is a challenge in today's business landscape. With Panther, rapidly build the server-side components for your e-business applications, while leveraging the diverse skills of your team. You can write your business logic in C, C++ or a scripting language, or you can choose to use as much Java as you wish - Panther won't interfere with your Java strategy. Panther even provides a Java class library.

Panther takes care of the details.
Panther supports inheritance across all server side business components, so changes are automatically propagated throughout your application. Programming tasks such as automated result set management and data mapping are handled automatically. In addition, Panther components are transaction-aware and security-aware, which provides greater control and ensures the highest levels of data integrity.

Panther has sophisticated database handling.

Panther's versatile Panther Database Interface and Transaction Manager automatically prepare business components to interact with database handling details, such as:

  • Automated SQL generation using a visual metaphor; including cross-table relationships
  • Automated result set mapping
  • Data mapping between the component interface and the database
  • Integration with database metadata allowing SQL queries to be written once and deployed across multiple relational databases
  • Generating optimized updates
  • Panther helps you leverage existing legacy applications.
  • Panther environments are specifically designed to help you salvage 60% -- 90% of your existing code as you make the transition from a monolithic legacy system to components. You can then develop additional components as needed, or even purchase them off the shelf, to create a new application that is simpler, more reliable, and far less costly to implement.

Panther protects your investment.
At Prolifics, we specialize in delivering quick and cost-effective ways to modernize current applications by providing the framework to support integration with other systems. Any of our Panther environments will give you the freedom to migrate to alternative technologies as the industry changes and new paradigms evolve.

Panther gives you results.
In an industry where almost 80% of software development projects are scrapped before the deployment stage, the Panther approach has proven its effectiveness time and again. In a study conducted by a leading industry analyst organization, 96% of Prolifics customers deployed their applications on time and within budget. With a success rate like ours, why choose anyone else?


Component Based Development (CBD) is a design philosophy that divides an application's business logic into a series of discrete modules, which are then linked together to create a unified application. When used in conjunction with an application server, this approach provides the critical level of scalability and fault tolerance required by today's enterprise applications.

From the developer's point of view, the tremendous advantage of this architecture is that components from one application-the transactional component of an on-line store, for example-can be used in a similar transactional application with minimal re-programming effort. Legacy coding can be transformed into components that preserve existing IT investments. And pre-designed components for common functions are now readily available for purchase.

As you can imagine, this approach dramatically decreases the time and programming effort involved in bringing your application online, and lowers the cost of ongoing application maintenance. So your company can respond more quickly to the competitive pressures, seize new sales opportunities, and gain a vital edge in the marketplace.

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