IBM Behavior-Based Customer Insights for Financial Services Companies

Prolifics Delivers Financial Services Companies the Customer Analytics and Consumer Insights required for Optimizing their Virtual Environment

Today’s high-speed online environment has created high-speed expectations in customers, especially those of financial services companies because of their services’ importance. Better understanding individual customers and providing them with the level of service they demand means optimizing their individual virtual environment with the benefits of consumer insights gained from customer analytics and the like.

Behavior-Based Customer Insights leads to Business Value

Because of the incomparable information that can be pulled from BBCI systems, Financial services companies are better able to recognize shifts in the needs of individual customers and overall market segments. This enables changes that suit these needs faster and more effectively, providing a number of business values, including:

  • Longer customer retention
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Greater revenue
  • More products per customer
  • Lower default rates

Previously, data collection to obtain customer insights was a lengthy, time-consuming process. Activities such as polling and market research were required, events that in themselves could present to customers as intrusive and result in a data bias. With the Prolifics BBCI for Financial Services Companies solution in place, this valuable data is instead drawn directly from customer experiences within the business’ virtual environment – seamlessly, painlessly and without intruding upon the customer experience.

Optimize your Financial Services Virtual Environment with Behavior-Based Customer Insights

Financial services companies must offer their customers the best possible virtual environment to remain competitive, and the IBM Behavior-Based Customer Insights for Financial Services companies solution offered by Prolifics is the way to do so. Contact Prolifics at to learn how we can help you achieve the behavior-based customer analysis and consumer insights you require.


IBM Behavior-Based Customer Insights for Financial Services Companies