Prolifics Build Conductor

Team Build-Deploy-Test Powered by Rational Team Concert

Prolifics Build Conductor for WebSphere Platforms adds continuous code integration of WebSphere applications to Rational Team Concert. It supports building and integrating applications for the IBM WebSphere Process Server, ESB, Message Broker and Portal Server platforms.

With this solution, build engineers are able to automate the application build process with minimal effort, developers get their changes integrated sooner, testers get more regular releases to test, fixes are delivered quicker, and project managers see improved overall velocity as the normal frictions associated with the release process are removed.

The features of Prolifics Build Conductor include:

  • Out-of-the-box continuous integration for WebSphere Message Broker, ESB, Process Server and Portal Server
  • Zero custom scripting required
  • Simple to setup using standard RTC build definition mechanisms
  • Deploy once to your repository, and share across all your projects – no more copying and modifying scripts!
  • Verifies that the latest code builds and deploys successfully
  • Gets builds into your test environments quicker and more reliably
  • Comes with documentation on continuous integration practices

Prolifics Build Conductor has been validated by IBM to work with the latest version 4.0 release of IBM Rational Team Concert.

Please contact Prolifics if you would like to unleash the power of Continuous Integration of your WebSphere applications using RTC 4.0!

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