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Rama Yenumula |
Many customers have asked me "Why do I need an additional Authorization product when I have IBM Security Access Manager for e-Business?" I recently attended a discussion focused on IBM Security Policy Manager (SPM) and IBM Security Access Manager for e-Business (SAMeb). IBM Security Policy Manager can be used in the following ways: Fine-Grained Authorization Control as... + continue reading
Prolifics |
This year at Impact, Prolifics’ AJ Aronoff will be teaming up with T. Rob Wyatt (IBM) to host a speaking session focused on the new and improved security model of WebSphere MQ 7.1. We had a chance to sit down with our IBM Champion himself and find out what we can expect. Tell us about your speaking session at Impact. AJ: T. Rob and I will be co-presenting on the new security features... + continue reading
Converting a legacy JAM/Panther 2-tier application into a Panther Web Application offers a significant advantage: a conversion allows reusing a significant portion of the existing code as most JPL and C functions continue to be fully functional. Although straightforward, the conversion process is not trivial or automatic. The conversion process does present some challenges and involves... + continue reading
AJ Aronoff |
AJ Aronoff is a Practice Director and IBM Champion covering Application Infrastructure at Prolifics. Recently at IBM Impact, AJ was interviewed on current infrastructure demands in the healthcare industry. Specializing in solutions for the healthcare industry, AJ explains how he can help the industry understand the latest healthcare regulations. In this video, he discusses the value that IBM... + continue reading
Mike Hastie, Solutions Director Did you ever feel there should be a way to modularize your Java modules and dynamically load and unload them as needed? In fact, move away from the whole classpath headache altogether? Well, you’re not alone. The OSGi Alliance ( Mike Hastie is an experienced solutions architect and implementation... + continue reading
Prithvi Srinivasan |
In general, when it comes to error handling i am a big believer in “Defense in Depth”. I prefer a multi-layered approach in which I try to account for the maximum possible conditions at each layer and eventually have a “catch all” net where I catch and process the errors that ‘slipped through the cracks’. Let’s take a scenario where we have an... + continue reading