Data Governance and IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Part 1

Ronald Zurawski | September 15, 2016

IBM’s InfoSphere Information Server (IIS) provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage data governance efforts. This post explores how to implement Data Governance using the IBM tool.

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ODM – Decision Table

Rajesh Meda | September 15, 2016


IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is a Decision Management tool that is used for maintaining business decisions by Fortune 500 companies across various business domains.

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Basic Concepts of Security

Wajahath Khan | September 12, 2016

Information security has become a continuing concern in all areas of an Information system.

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Which Came First, the Chicken or the Data?

Eric Poulin | September 09, 2016 Today, there’s more — and richer — data than ever before. But even the best information is useless unless you know how to use it. That’s where Prolifics comes in. Over 35 years across multiple industries, we’ve helped some of the best known brands make sense of complex data from multiple sources — automating decision processes, managing risk, driving profits, and improving customer and employee engagement.

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I Got a Bluemix Account! What Do I Do Now?

Arup Datta | September 09, 2016

IBM Bluemix, a cloud platform as a service (PaaS) developed by IBM, supports integrated DevOps to manage application development from start to finish on the cloud.

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Guest Post: Digitizing Healthcare, Because Our Lives Matter

Andy Thurai | September 08, 2016

The United States spends around 17-18% of its GDP on healthcare every year.

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Getting Started with Node.js LoopBack Framework – Part 2

Rajeev Sharma | September 01, 2016 In my last post, I talked about the ability to quickly generate APIs using the LoopBack framework. Today, I’m going to give you a short summary on some more features which may come in handy in real-time API development that is based on the Node.js LoopBack framework.

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Getting Started with Node.js LoopBack Framework – Part 1

Rajeev Sharma | July 19, 2016

Node.js is an incredible tool for rapidly building scalable and highly performant backend systems.

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Implementing Session Timeout for Anonymous Portal Pages

Rajeev Sharma | June 30, 2016 Recently, one of my clients using IBM WebSphere Portal required users to access secured content without actually signing in to the Portal. These users (referred to as Guest Users) use shared secrets only known to them, like a SSN, mobile number, etc. in the entry page of portlet.

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RuleApp Deployment (Part 2)

Deepak Uppal | June 28, 2016 After successful completion of deployment & testing of the RuleApp in the Dev Environment, the next step is to deploy the ruleset to the Rule Execution Server (RES) in higher environments. This blog describes the promotion of RuleApps to different environments.

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RuleApp Deployment (Part 1)

Deepak Uppal | June 17, 2016 Deployment is the activity of creating a RuleApp and making it available for use by a Rule Execution Server (RES) instance. After rule authoring, the code is deployed on the server (RES) so that it can be accessed by the calling applications. We must also deploy the execution object model (XOM) that references the application objects and data against which we run our rules.

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