PSD2 - The Terrifying Sequel?

Steve Cox | May 18, 2016 In the world of Hollywood, sequels are often hotly anticipated, well received and generate considerable revenue for all concerned. When it comes to the world of European Financial Regulations, a second tranche of Payment Service Directives is rather less welcomed by all concerned.

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Using Dynamic Domains for Flexible Rule Implementation in IBM ODM

Artur Sahakyan | May 18, 2016 Ensuring rule accuracy, ease of use and business-friendliness are an important part of rule development in IBM Operational Decision Management (ODM).

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Enriching User Stories with Personas

Smriti Kapuria | April 12, 2016 A persona serves as a cognitive aid that allows developers and stakeholders to easily visualize target end users. This tool is especially useful during feature definition exercises and use case creation.

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IBM ODM Rule Implementation Standards and Best Practices - Part 2

Artur Sahakyan | April 07, 2016 In my earlier article I emphasized the importance of following best practices and guidelines in software development. Following IBM ODM rule development standards and best practices is crucial for implementing a readable, reusable, robust and efficient rule application

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User-centered Design: Enhance your Digital Portfolio with Creative Thinking

Smriti Kapuria | April 05, 2016 In today’s world of the rapid System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Agile and Scrum methodologies are finding wide acceptance. So, here’s a creative approach to optimize time and resources. By including a prototyping design phase early on in the process, the team creatively visualizes how the user experiences the end product/technology solution.

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IBM ODM Exception Handling: Decision Engine

Rajesh Meda | April 01, 2016 Part 2: IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is a Decision Management tool that is used by Fortune 500 companies to maintain business decisions across business domains.

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IBM ODM Exception Handling: Classic Engine

Rajesh Meda | March 30, 2016 Part 1: IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is a Decision Management tool that is used by Fortune 500 companies to maintain business decisions across business domains.

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Cognitive Process: Making Smarter Process Cognitive

Jimit Sukkawala | March 08, 2016 Business Process Management (BPM) has come a long way and has significantly evolved in the past few years. Many organizations, regardless of industry, have recognized the importance of automation, decision-making, and analytics since these are the keys to providing quality service, enhanced customer experience, and also identify new business opportunities.

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Avoiding Common Mistakes in ODM Rule Development

Artur Sahakyan | February 26, 2016 During my career in the rules development field, I have made multiple mistakes and corrected even more.

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Rapid Integration of SaaS with On-premise Applications - Move from Legacy Systems to Hybrid Cloud

Arup Datta | February 24, 2016

I wrote my first blog on Cloud Computing in 2013, "Which Cloud Model is the Next 'BIG THING'", discussing various cloud models and hypoth

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Smarter Process – Are You There Yet?

Salem Hadim | February 22, 2016

Today we are going to look at the world of Smarter Process—what it is, how it works and how it can help a company reinvent its Business Processes.

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Why the BIAN Framework is Becoming a De Facto Standard in 2016

Troy Dube | February 18, 2016 As we start 2016 it is clear that the BIAN Framework is quickly becoming the Leader in Banking Frameworks.

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