March 2017

Developing a common header file with frequently used calls and variable declarations helps in effective script debugging and avoiding reworking that requires manual intervention. This header file is modified whenever there are changes in the environment or any other requests. We will be good to proceed with test executions without even needing to open the other scripts. In general, for any... + continue reading
IBM ODM on Cloud is a complete web solution for developing and deploying business rule software for applications. IBM ODM on Cloud includes a comprehensive component for deployment of decision services in Business Console. Deployment configuration can be configured by the rule developer and release manager in ODM on Cloud. But a rule developer cannot configure the deployment configuration in... + continue reading
We often come across challenges where we need to invoke different services based on certain conditions. These conditions may or may not be readily available during code implementation but are provided as input only at runtime. In such a scenario where all services need to be invoked in particular sequence, we need the ability to orchestrate the flow dynamically. In this post, we will go through... + continue reading
Some time ago, I came across this quote: “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” Today, I truly understood it. We faced a situation of sync-over-async pattern for BPEL—and, in the process,  learned one “don’t”s of application design.  In our flow, we have HTTPExport wired to LongRunningProcess. This resulted in sync-over-async switch.... + continue reading
Just because you can doesn’t mean you should…   I seem to be running into more and more application leaders that are confused by the marketing messages regarding API platforms, iPaaS, and mobile backend for frontend (BFF) vendors. More often than not, companies are trying to satisfy requirements that cut across the fields of mobile enablement, API delivery and... + continue reading