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Is Your Testing Team Aligned With Your Business Goals?

Ensuring that testing incorporates and meets the business requirements associated with functionality and business processes is essential for a successful quality assurance project. However, testing has become increasingly complex with line of business’ demands for speed, inefficient test design, quantity of test cases and lack of test intelligence and analytics. Testers are rarely provided with the necessary business requirements or tools to incorporate the business perspective into their testing. Testers must understand how the functionality supports the business requirements and incorporate that logic into their test cases, as well as applying analytics to fully understand how testing is meeting those business requirements.

Prolifics’ BA360, Automated Test Design That Drives Business Objectives

Designing test cases that support an organization’s business processes and objectives drives true business value and benefit from testing. Prolifics has evolved traditional Quality Assurance into Business Assurance. To address this challenge, Prolifics developed BA360.  BA360 aligns test cases with an organization’s key business objectives such as revenue, profitability, key customers, key products, customer experience and competitive differentiators. This enables more effective risk-based testing and rapid business impact reporting. BA360 also provides automated test design, intelligence and analytics reducing test cycle time and large team dependency with significant error reduction.


Realize Next Generation of Automated Test Design

Contact Prolifics at to align your test strategies to business objectives and benefits with automated test design, and real time visibility to key business objectives and metrics.


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