Have you effectively automated beta conversion testing and validation?

Data validation and test automation tools are necessary for organizations seeking to reduce risk while improving outcomes, especially as part of business intelligence solutions. The more complex your system, the more complicated data validation becomes, even when deploying industry-leading test automation tools. The various methods of transitioning data through such environments and the volume of data to keep track of between apps increases the risk of data integrity failures. Your organization must be certain it has the best data validation and test automation tools in place to minimize this risk.

Prolifics’ Effecta Delivers

Prolifics understands the importance of data validation for business success, and that a testing strategy is necessary to achieve this. Prolifics’ Effecta supports manual testing by providing an intuitive user interface that allows users to create an abundance of test artifacts (i.e., test requirements, test cases, test procedures, defects). Effecta provides functional automation in cooperation with most available open source and commercial automation tools. Effecta layers onto your existing automation processes, commercial or open source creating customized test automation options.

In combination with Prolifics’  Quality Assurance and Testing services the Effecta data validation and test automation tools, provide client results such as:

  • Defect Removal Efficiency (DRE) approaching 100%
  • Millions of dollars in cost reductions
  • Dramatic reductions in test cycle durations
  • Applications become more reliable
  • Less time spent on manual tasks
  • Greater test volume and coverage

Achieve Test Automation and Data Validation

Contact Prolifics at solutions@prolifics.com to find out how we can help your organization reach its goals with data validation and test automation.


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